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This vinyasa flow style class is done in a deliberate manner with a focus on anatomy and alignment. Utilizing the sun salutation to create a fluid flow that strengthens and stretches your muscles we begin with a centering breathing exercise followed by a warm up and then a sequence of poses that vary every week to promote growth. The end of class we do a cool down and a few moments of restorative or yin yoga to promote balance and integration. The emphasis is for students to gain awareness and connection with their bodies so that they may practice in a way that suits their needs at the present moment. Frequently the teacher will do physical adjustments in this class. This is done in a gentle way to bring awareness to a specific area or to give the student a different experience in a pose not because the student is doing something wrong. If you would prefer not to be adjusted you may tuck one of the front corners of the mat under (it is also advisable to let the teacher know).
Strength 20%
Agility 20%
Cardio 20%
Mobility 100%
Technique 90%


Kelsey Johndrow


Event Hours(1)

  • Saturday

    11:30 am - 12:30 pm

    Vinyasa Flow
    with Kelsey